Self Assess Your Own Floors

Main Pathways

We all use main foot traffic pathways in our home. Every home and situation is different and only you will know those routes the best. Within 90+ percent of homes found with pre-mature excessive polished wooden floor wear, the dining table area is generally the culpable party. 

Self assess your Hall

Where to Look

  • The main front and rear entrances to the home

    This is the first contact point where dust and grit enters your home.

  • The triangular work zone in the kitchen

    This area is where you spend a lot of time in three particular work zones.

  • The centre pathway down the hall

    The foot traffic main highway to other rooms of your home.

  • The centre of the polished timber stair treads

    A semi-circular portion of the top surface of the stair tread which takes the brunt of the wear.

  • Under/around the dining table

    Dinning chairs are the biggest problem if not fitted with correct felt pads.

  • Other traffic trails

    Only you will know in your home depending on your floor plan setup.

Kitchen Chair Legs are the Killers!
Kitchen chair damage

Dining chairs are the most moved items of furniture in the home and, if shielding felt protective pads are not present under furniture legs, then disaster will follow.

What to Look For

Lower yourself to the floor a little, and try to catch reflected natural daylight on the floor surface to determine if sheen level variations are present, fine scratching or scuffing can be detected, along with colour fading or discolouration.

If your inspection reveals definite wear or cause for concern you will have a window of time in which you will need to act. Simply call Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane right now! Get a professional floor sander to double check, it’s FREE and we’re clear-cut and honest about work that ‘NEEDS’ to be done now, or if you will get another year or two out of your floor before maintenance work is required.

Your floors are the first thing that catches visitor’s eyes, so appearance matters – We know that! All polished floors require refurbishment at some point and with 1000’s of Brisbane polished timber floors under our belt, and our quote service operational 7 days (Sat/Sun by prior appointment) your one step closer to rescuing your floors. Caring for your polished floors in the right way will definitely extend their life, along with keeping them looking their best for years to come.

Take Action Before it’s Too Late

We’re here to help your floors last with FREE on-site consultations. Call or shoot us an email today. Our floor polishing services cover Brisbane north local suburbs. Concentrating on this locale only, means quick response times and quality-driven lower, competitive pricing.

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