Sandgate Floor Sanding Case Study

This Sandgate floor sanding job was a challenge. Besides borer damaged boards, we also had to deal with water damage. Following that, we needed to adjust the colour to this client’s taste. When I quote for floors like this, I always keep the client by my side. Further, I ask exactly which boards to remove so costs are clear and upfront. This always lets the customer have full control over the outcome. For example, the client chose to leave floorboards with minor borer damage. As a result, filling the borer tracks of these boards kept costs down. Sometimes of course, it is true; some clients can be fussier. So in that case, we would replace all the damaged boards.

This Sandgate Floor Gets a Colour Change

As Brisbane timber floor sanding professionals we always first advise our clients, and then allow them to make the final decision.

Sandgate floor sanding

“Anything But The Colour of Pine”

After the review of the floorboards, next the client wanted to discuss colour options. Besides a clear finish, we also stain floors. In brief, they wanted anything except the look of pine. Staining a Pine floor is possible, but you’re starting with a strong yellow base colour. In other words, to reach the Walnut look, we would need a mixture of black and Walnut stain. They also didn’t want to go too dark.

The Choice is Made

Following some colour test samples for the client, they settled on a Walnut tinge.  They also wanted a low sheen finish. Besides a great final result, it also suited the old cottage. The Walnut colour also added a warm inviting feel to the home.

The Floor Colour Was a Big Hit With The Client

floor sanding Sandgate

This Sandgate floor sanding job is typical for a home in this area. Just to clarify, not all Hoop Pine floors have excessive borer damage such as this one. Without doubt, most clients generally always choose a clear finish on Hoop pine floors. Beyond personal taste, the natural colour of Hoop Pine floors is trendy in old homes. It’s also well-liked. To sum up, Economy Floor Sanding always sets out to give the client what they ask. Read about another old Hoop Pine floor restoration we recently did in north Brisbane right here.

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