Sand Polish Timber Floors F.A.Q.

Our Sand Polish Timber Floors FAQ page offers sound, up-front advice relating to all the most common facets of sanding and polishing timber floors in your home. Full transparency of our services and effective communication with our customers to achieve their home renovation goals doesn’t just happen by chance.

We’ve spent almost two decades refining our framework and presentation of information so our customers can make an informed choice. Our Sand Polish Timber Floors F.A.Q. page is devoted to do just that!

In a nutshell, we guarantee your home will be as clean as we found it ……..or cleaner! Dust collection is at the forefront of our client’s minds. Stripping back and polishing wooden floorboards is virtually a dust free process when purpose built vacuum collection machinery is used. Meticulous dust control methods are used prior to the final preparations and polishing of your floorboards takes place. Floor to ceiling dust control barriers can also be utilised to isolate sections of your home.

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Yes (Depending on their present condition) Polished wooden floors can all be re-coated to restore the surface to look new again by removing minor scratches and restoring uniform gloss levels. An inspection will be required to assess if this action is suitable for your particular floor depending on the age and condition of the surface coating. You can self-assess your own existing polished floors
to determine the current condition.
Sand polish timber floors F.A.Q.
No. Economy Floor Sanding takes great care of your home. Employing a vast array of advanced floor sanding machines to sand and access confined spaces plus non-damaging contact points to skirtings and kickboards, your floorboard transformation is in careful hands. We offer this guarantee in writing and deliver on our promises. Our core values include treating our customer’s homes with respect and we take this seriously – find out why customers keep choosing us over our competitors.
Sand polish timber floors Brisbane
Yes. We can price to do that inclusive in your quote or as a separate cost for you to consider. Floor covering removal can include:
– Removal of old floor coverings & underlay
– Removal of carpet grip edging
– Pulling out of tacks & staples present
– Disposal of old floor coverings from your property
Find out more about the wood floor sanding and polishing services we provide.
Yes. Economy Floor Sanding is eager to view your floors, including weekends & public holidays. Get in touch to arrange a fast and thorough Brisbane floor sanding and polishing quote now. Careful assessment of your floor is carried out, and can involve a top and underside inspection.
We service all Brisbane north suburbs from the city to the mid-north suburbs of Banyo, Aspley, Kedron, Stafford and surrounding areas through to outer north Dayboro, Samford, Sandgate and surrounding areas.
First ensure you have timber floors present. If you are uncertain about the condition of your wooden floors, or are not sure if they are suitable to be polished, we are happy to inspect them for free at a time that suits you. Sanding, repairing & polishing of old timber floors are our specialty. Economy Floor Sanding are committed to squeezing out the best outcome possible within every floor restoration project offering flexibility, fairness and honest advice to their client base.
Brisbane sand polish timber floors
In most cases yes, but not all. It will really depend on your particular home. During the free onsite consultation we can quickly assess and advise based on your particular circumstances. If you have an upper and lower level, and one can be isolated/closed off and sealed in the appropriate manner, then it will be fine to live there during works.
Yes. We offer a range of timber floor repair services including floorboard removal/replacement, bracing of boards, colour matching and staining. We outsource old floorboards to suit your floor, and mill down floorboard width onsite to get an exact match to your particular floorboards. We pride ourselves on being able to respond effectively to any challenges that may arise in an old floor restoration project.
Repair timber floors sand polish
At first glance, it may seem an attractive option if you are on a tight budget. It can be compared to home handyman car body/paint work. There are some pitfalls involved when sanding and polishing timber floors, and in reflected light, all imperfections will be very obvious in the end result.
A highly skilled professional, using balanced, quality professional equipment and methods will definitely add value to your property and can add a striking feature to any home. On the other hand, unbalanced inferior hire equipment, lack of skill and technique or coating product application knowledge can and will result in an eyesore which can have the opposite effect to your home. If you still wish to go it alone there are some floor sanding trade secrets you should read about first to help you along.
As a general guide for Brisbane customers:
– $25 + GST per square metre – New floors, new extensions, new homes and very clean existing floors.
– $30 + GST per square metre – Older floors.
Uneven surfaces or timber floors with stains, gouges, scratches or any other form of damage all require extra time to prepare for the application of the polyurethane coatings to be applied. These floor conditions all require extra time and costs.
Economy Floor Sanding offers a flat, set price within our quotations with cost options available for additional services if requested. Floor conditions which may vary your floor sanding costs can include soiled floors, floors in need of repair, previously polished floors or floors with paint or glue present. We offer free onsite floor evaluations Mon – Fri and weekends by appointment.
Approximate cost to sand & polish an average sized 3 bedroom home
With a floor in good condition
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The Economy Floor Sanding difference

Sand polish wood floors Brisbane

We welcome a wide range of challenges from new homes to an old timber floor restoration. Our clients are diverse and include the home renovator, local builders, landlords and first home buyers. We’re not just here to sand polish timber floors for you – we always start with your long-term vision to understand exactly what’s important to you. Read about some of our north Brisbane floors case studies here.

There are five factors that put Economy Floor sanding us in a position to give you a more impressive floor restoration experience:

Timber Floor Sanding Industry skill

We sand polish timber floors with passion and have served customers in Brisbane since 1997. Our refined sanding technique has evolved with the times incorporating the latest equipment and methods to achieve jaw dropping results which delight our clients. We understand customer’s needs and can respond with professional solutions and technical expertise.

Competitive price, great value

Our tight operational structure and good relationships with local reps keep our prices competitive while keeping quality at a premium. – We add value with a skilled hand and meticulous attention to detail.

Lasting quality

Our floors stand the test of time by utilising the high solids, high build solvent based polyurethanes which have commercial durability qualities which are more than adequate for busy domestic families. We take real pride in our work, and guarantee completion times in writing.

On-time every time

We make realistic promises and take real pride in our work. We also guarantee completion times in writing. We sand polish timber floors within scheduled times agreed in the Q.B.C.C. contracts we use.

Company Stability

We serve our customers with reliability. To sand polish timber floors successfully, and efficiently, we work by your side to create your dream floor and keep you informed along the way. With nearly two decades of service behind us, we’ve learnt that customer satisfaction pays off for both parties.