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Polished Timber Floor Care – Unfiltered Sunlight Damage

?Sunlight damaging polished floor
?If you cherish your polished timber floors, their are ways you can safeguard your investment with some precautionary measures. If your home has a westerly aspect, your floors may be at risk of rapid deterioration at the hands of nature.

In the image shown, the extensive use of glass in this home is allowing direct and unfiltered sunlight onto the living room floor area, and in this particular case it is the morning sun. After completing the sanding and polishing of the floors in this beach-side north Brisbane property, we included in our closing polished timber floor care documentation to the home owner a recommendation to use some form of window coverings to filter the direct ultraviolet light.

In this particular case, as the owners were accustomed to their extensive views, their choice was to tint all the glass. If left unattended for an extended period of time, rapid yellowing of the surface coating would occur, along with increased deterioration and breakdown of the finish.

Check Your Floor

Internal are essentially treated as external when exposed to direct sunlight internal finishes we’re never made to withstand this unfiltered light. Rugs or mats situated in front of glass windows or sliding glass doors exposed to direct sun quickly reveal this rapid yellowing effect – you only need to pull back a corner to view the variation against the original colour shade underneath.

Why it occurs

As internal polyurethanes cater for foot traffic durability applications and appearance, they will ultimately break down when exposed to the harsh outdoor elements. As it stands, even finishes designed for external landings and decking require regular maintenance coats at intervals depending on the level of direct sun they receive.