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Polished floors – Gloss Levels Guide

The gloss level you choose can impact on both looks and also the amount of cleaning tasks you will need to perform on a daily basis. It would be beneficial to take a few factors into consideration relating to your personal circumstances prior to making this decision. The range of choices available are:

  • Matt (Dead flat finish)
  • Low sheen (See example below)
  • Semi-gloss (Approximately 60% of full gloss level)
  • Full gloss (See example below)
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Low sheen finish

Low sheen is definitely the most popular. In fact 90+ percent of customers either directly ask for it, or sway towards it after hearing the benefits over full gloss finish.

Low Sheen Benefits

  • Modern look

    It has a contemporary feel and look about it that compliments new renovation work and is the choice of most builders when constructing new homes.

  • Low maintenance

    Low sheen finish hides minor dust, or more to the point, it does not stand out as much as it does on high gloss polished floors.

  • Concealment

    If damage occurs, for example a heavy object is dropped or dragged across your floor, then once again, with full gloss the edges of the damage will be accentuated with light reflection whereas the lower sheen finishes reflect less light.

In summary

Low sheen finishes are a more ?liveable? choice for families with a busy lifestyle. Low maintenance, modern appearance and hiding minor dust are all the main attractions for this choice on polished floors.

Another example of Low Sheen Finish

The Full Gloss Finish Option

polished floors high gloss

There will always be the hard-core lovers of full gloss out there, that?s for sure. About ten to fifteen years ago it was the most popular choice of builders and home owners alike.

Full gloss benefits

  • Old Hoop Pine floors

    This is the only exception to the rule. Most customers
    polishing old wooden floors in 19th century period style homes choose high gloss finish, and with good reason ? It looks amazing on Hoop Pine floors! The light golden colour and variations within the Hoop Pine grain look great, plus full gloss seems to fit in with the character of the colonial style.

  • High maintenance

    It can be compared with sitting in a black shiny car when you?re at eye level and looking across the high gloss bonnet, you see every speck of dust!

  • It sells homes

    It?s a catch 22? even though the low sheen finish is a more contemporary and modern look, the potential buyer of your home has tunnel vision. They only see the ?wow? factor of a shiny floor when viewing your home, and have no concerns over the liveability qualities the low sheen provides. Once settled in after a purchase, they soon learn it?s not all that fun cleaning them every day.

In summary

Don?t get put off though, all polished timber floor finish gloss level options have their benefits and all look great. It all boils down to personal preference, and your particular circumstances.

Polished floors – Other points to consider


If you have an ?inside? dog, then low sheen would be a more suitable choice as dog claw damage to polished timber floors can ruin floors, and in a short period of time. Once again, the damage would be accentuated with a full gloss finish.


Downlight lighting can cause a spider web type of an effect on your floors at night. This is caused from ?directional light? hitting the surface and spreading out on your floor and picking up the rotary sanding swirl marks not visible in natural or normal lighting conditions. It is called ?light refraction? through the coating, and is more prevalent with full gloss floors. This condition is made worse if you have a dark floor colour. Worst case scenario for downlights ? Dark floor and full gloss finish.

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