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We sand and polish timber floors in Brisbane and all north suburbs. Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane produces superior quality polished timber floors at affordable prices. We use a proven step-by-step floor sanding system and also hard-wearing floor finishes.

Floor Sanding Brisbane

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Floor sanding removes top-layer surface defects. Also, and a point often overlooked, is the need to sand them flat. When I say sand them flat, I mean dead flat. First, 30 to 45 degree sanding is vital, in spite of a floors age.

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Polishing Timber Floors

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Polishing timber floors is the final stepping stone in the process. We kick-start your floor’s life-span with high film build coatings. It’s your defence against the daily grind foot traffic of busy families, kids and pets.

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Repairing Timber Floors

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Sanding floors with stunning results doesn’t come with a cookie-cutter, or static approach. On-site issues relating to latent floorboard or sub-floor issues need fast solutions. We remain cutting-edge on tools, product and technique.

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“As a customer, there are some questions you really need to ask yourself…”Karl Little - The business owner
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We don’t Just Talk the Talk…

Timber floors are still king for bang-for-your-buck stylish looks. We’re armed to the teeth with skill, experience and state-of-the-art machines. As a result, we can skyrocket the appeal of your Brisbane floor.

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Upfront Pricing – Stunning Results

We never beat around the bush with pricing. In fact, we break down the costs as well as show examples of how labour & materials can vary. Check our costs guide for sanding and polishing your Brisbane floor right here.

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Floor resurfacing

Brisbane Floor Sanding

– Case Study Files –

Brisbane residents adore timber floors. The modern look is a draw card for renovators. Below we offer a glimpse of floors we have transformed. It’s a real world window into what we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Kedron case study

Timber Floor Restoration in Kedron

Cypress Pine Full Gloss Finish:
These Brisbane based clients needed to sell their home fast. They enlisted us to sand and polish their timber floors. Watch how we rectify the sanding faults left by another company. Also, we explain in detail how we gained a superb, ‘dead flat’ surface. The owners made a quick sale due to these stunning results.

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Nundah case study

Timber Floor Sanding in Nundah

Old Hoop Pine Brisbane Floor Restoration:
It was our pleasure to partner with these clients. We helped them claw back the hidden beauty of these old floorboards. In this example we expose prior defects and the methods we use to remedy them. It was rewarding to see the appeal of this home skyrocket. In brief, we dealt with convex-shaped floorboards, moisture and pest damage.

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Stafford case study

Hardwood Floor Sanding in Brisbane North

Hardwood Timber Floor Sanding and Restoration:

A #1 pet hate of floor sanders is excessive underlay staples. Here we uncovered a double layer. They were also hammered flat. Staple by staple they were pin punched & filled. Sooner or later you come across a timber floor which is on the border line of fixing. This was one of them. Here we also faced old floor tiles, staples and a sticky glue residue.

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Sandgate Qld Case Study

Floor Sanding Brisbane – Old Hoop Pine

Floor Restoration and Staining:
This video is a good example of how we work ‘with’ our Brisbane clients to achieve their goal. To begin with, borer damage was a major factor. The clients also wanted a colour change. They called Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane and we came to the rescue.

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Floor Sanding Brisbane – Our Service Area
We resurface timber floorboards in all north suburbs this side of the Brisbane River. Our focus is sanding domestic timber floors for the home renovator. For the most part, we have a passion for old floorboard restoration. An older Brisbane floor would be deemed common place within the region’s middle and outer rings. Sanding down a floor is a multi-stage process. Smoothing floor surfaces and edge sanding also takes the right tools and methods.

Floor Sanding Brisbane – Hot Topics

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How To Self-Assess Your Timber Floors

You can self-assess your own timber floors for signs of wear. To begin with, polished timber floorboards are very durable, but at some stage, they will show signs of wear and tear. Besides high foot traffic pathways, kitchens for example, are the busiest rooms in a home.

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Floor sanding in Brisbane
Guarantee of Quality

Smoothing a timber floor surface by abrasion with sandpaper does in fact, create dust. As a result, efficient control of wood dust particles tops our agenda. As a matter of fact, we keep your home dust free. This is not only our promise, but also part of our guarantee we always offer our Brisbane clients in writing. Find out other reasons why clients feel secure using our services.

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Sanding Scratches Out

Sooner or later it’s bound to happen – a dreaded scratch in your polished timber floors! First of all don’t panic. As a matter of fact, it may only just be a quick fix. We explain not only about DIY repairs, but also how a pro repairs scratches in polished timber floors. There are also, however varying levels of damage which can occur. Find out more right here.

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Sanding Parquetry Timber Floors

We sand parquetry as well as one-off feature parquetry floors. Sanding parquetry timber takes delicate care as well as precision technique. The mosaic pattern of wood pieces produced in parquetry can look amazing. For the most part, these floors are not cheap to install. For that reason, you want a final product that reflects your investment. The use of high quality machines is critical. Call us to discuss your Brisbane floor refinishing project today.

Commercial timber floor Brisbane

Sanding Commercial Timber Floors

Do you need timber floor sanding on your commercial Brisbane floor? If so, you not only want a floor with low upkeep, but also a durable one. It would usually depend on factors such as the setting and also the type of timber floor. As mentioned, it is wise to consider durability and is vital in a high foot traffic situation. Ring Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane today for expert advice on your unique needs.

We got off the ground floor sanding Brisbane north based homes back in 1997. It’s not only about sanding down a floor; it’s about flattening a floor surface. If the foundation work is not done right, a poor result will follow. Rotary sanding machines sand and flatten timber floor surfaces in the final stages. They also level a floor of minor faults and sandpaper flaws which also adds to a superior result. If you want your home to radiate quality, then talk to Karl today at Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane.