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Timber Floors

Besides being timber floor sanding experts, we also share your passion for polished floors. For that reason, we always exceed what our clients tend to expect with quality.

Floor Sanding System

Our timber floor sanding methods are not only unique; they are also like a well-oiled machine. Let us introduce our sanding system steps. On the whole, they are crucial to produce a smooth and refined polished timber floor.

If your renovating – Watch This!

Timber Floor Preparation

Before the sander meets the wood floor surface, the ‘bones’ of the floor must be of sound condition. For instance, Timber floor repairs may include any of the following.

  • Resolving squeaky or loose board issues.
  • Removal, replacement or the bracing of damaged floorboards.
  • Detection of borer or termite damage above or below the floorboards or maybe even the sub-floor

Floor Sanding Process

Amid the timber floor sanding stage, the heavy artillery sander goes into action. Our German made HUMMEL floor sander rips off existing floor coatings. At the same time it also flattens uneven floors with 45 degree sands. The floor sander carries out further sanding to finer abrasive sandpapers. Finally, we finish with the pivotal rotary sanding process – the secret weapon! This rotary sanding machine removes all the highs and lows in the floor.

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Do your research!

Before you engage the services of a floor sanding company, check their online status. Clients always have to log into Google so they can leave a review. As a result it is genuine feedback about the business.

Timber floor sanding and polishing Brisbane
Expertise in the industry

Of coarse, it is true; a university floor sanding degree is not required to sand a floor. In the same way, it is also not needed to turn an old wooden floor into a stunning focal point of a home. Be that as it may, what it does take is:

  • The correct precision and properly balanced specific sanding machinery.
  • An acquired skill and furthermore, the accurate use of the sanding equipment.
  • Correct procedures and order relative to the flooring conditions.
  • Experience with floor coating additives, stains and certainly polyurethanes.
  • A keen eye for detail, patience and expertise.

The outcome of our floor sanding services will without doubt, leave your guests with a taste for more. Visitors will WANT to see the next level of your home. In other words, we create an impact from your front door! As timber floor sanding Brisbane experts, we understand busy families mean heavy foot traffic. That is why we always use the highest film build coatings on the market.

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