Timber floor finishes – Recoats

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Timber Floor Finishes – Re-coats

Timber floor finishes Brisbane

Revive Existing Polished Timber Floors

Timber floor finishes applied to existing worn polished floors will revive and protect them for years to come as part of a maintenance program.

About Timber Floor Finishes

Your current polished timber floor surface has a film build sited between the bottom of your feet, and the raw timber floor surface. This floor finish film protection or wear layer component provides two functions:

  • The visual appeal
  • A protection barrier between moisture/dirt and the wood fibre cell structure of your wooden floorboards
Worn timber floor finishes

The Problem

Once this varnish breaks down or wears through, the only road to recovery is a complete re-stripping of your floors from scratch. Economy Floor Sanding?s Brisbane customers don?t want that type of family disruption. View a Case Study with a worn surface coating.

The Solution

Take advantage of a simple top surface film layer application as it is a one day job! This ?maintenance coat? procedure boils down to:

  • Using an abrasive fine mesh screen to sand the surface coat removing fine scratching
  • Final micro-fine sand with Bona buffing pad
  • Washing down to remove contaminant build-up residue
  • Application of a high solids coating of polyurethane for maximum protection film build

That?s the one day floor polishing makeover, buffed and polished back to its former glory.

Polished timber floor finishes
As a rule, we are not pushy. You?re in the driver?s seat, you control your timber floor finishes and decisions, we’re just there to guide you.Karl Little - Business owner

Which Gloss Level?

Not sure which way to go? We have a simple guide to help you based on your floor and circumstances.

Gloss level guide

Durability of Timber Floor Finishes


We always use the best quality products which offer long term benefits to our customers. Find out how our floor sanding guarantee of quality instils trust in our client?s minds.

Satin floor finishes

The key aspect a customer should consider after aesthetics is durability ? how long a surface coating will last before maintenance (another top coat) will be required.

Low sheen timber finishes

After 16 years in a Timber floor sanding business in Brisbane, I believe we have sourced the most durable floor coating available. Monothane HS 50 is a solvent based high solids (high build) polyurethane with superb durability.

Timber floor semi-gloss
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Self-Assess your Floors

Locate high wear areas within your home - Find out where to look and what to look for.