Warning: Dog urine ruins timber floors

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Dog Urine Stain Damage to Floors

Some homeowners love their pets living indoors and although they might find them to be great companions, there is a downside to it. This was an older home situated under the Brisbane Story Bridge. It was recently purchased by a young couple from the husband’s family and has severe staining in one of the rear bedrooms.

It was discovered that the room had previously been the kitchen prior to the home being raised, and at first it was assumed that they were possibly water stains. Floor sanding polishing had been previously carried out years ago, (not our floor sanding service) so it was mentioned to the customer that if the stains had not been able to be sanded out on the first occasion, it may be the same scenario this time around.

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Permanent urine stain damage

As you can see in the image, sanding the floor on an angle with the coarse grade paper was doing nothing to lighten the dark colour of the stain. This bothered me to probe further with the father of the owner whom he purchased the property from. Just as I suspected it was found to be dog urine as he recalled years ago the family dog was injured and lived inside on the kitchen floor for an extended period of time. Old vinyl with random cracks and joins was present allowing the urine to penetrate deep into the timber floor prior to being originally polished.

Stafford floor stains
Timber floor stains
Wood floor staining

Prevention Measures

Floor sanding polishing is a great way to update your home, although if pets are kept indoors it is important to clean up urine spills promptly and ensure it is not absorbed into mats or carpet which can hold it against the timber surface. Felt furniture protection pads are great for extending the life of your polished timber floor although they can also readily absorb liquid spills and hold onto it over time.

Unfortunately this customer’s floor was aesthetically ruined. Thankfully it was only confined to that one particular bedroom.
If you are considering floor sanding polishing in your home and you have indoor pets, please contact us with any of your concerns and we will be happy to advise you of the best precautionary measures to take in YOUR particular situation.