Old Hardwood Floor Restored

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Old hardwood floor Brisbane

Old Hardwood Floor

This is another typical old hardwood floor we have restored for a client in Wavell heights. It had a few defects as well as the usual wear and tear of about 15 years of general household use.

This old hardwood floor was in bad shape. When I first viewed it, I found more than the usual amount of sanding imperfections. The rear of the house had an extension added. Unfortunately, the builder had failed to level the joists on one side of the house. The transition between the old and new floors was very evident. It angled down and was visible in reflected light on the old polished surface. Sanding Brisbane floors that need a little extra skill and TLC is exactly what we do best.

Old hardwood floor

Water Stains In The Kitchen

In the kitchen, there were dark water stains that the previous sander had not been able to sand out. By the look of the pattern, I would surmise that ceramic tiles were present at some stage. Not only that, but they had also glued them to the floorboards at some previous stage. Mopping the ceramic tiles caused moisture to penetrate through the grout. Beneath the grout, the moisture then passed into the timber surface. This has formed a stained pattern in the timber surface over an extended period of time. Although this was an eyesore, I let the client know that there was no guarantee it could sand out. I had no idea of the extent of the previous water damage. Likewise, I did not know if the previous floor sander spent any time attempting to remove it.

To the credit of the previous refinishing company, the coating they used was of a high standard. The main foot traffic pathways such as down the centre of the hall and the entry did not show signs of general wear. At the same time, it was also a tough coating to sand off. This suggests it was more than likely solvent based polyurethane.

Sanding This Old Hardwood Floor

As usual, when faced with a floor riddled with visible flaws, angle sanding was necessary. Sands in alternating directions were necessary in a couple of locations. The join between the original house and the extension was definitely one of them. My promise to the client was clear. You cannot remove structural defects with a sanding machine. With this old hardwood floor, you can only minimise them. That said, our processes, and in conjunction with a low sheen finish, was a massive improvement. In fact, upon completion, it was only visible from one angle, and only with the right lighting.

This Old Floor – On The Borderline

In short, the stains in the kitchen also sanded out completely. Although that sounds short and sweet, it was no easy task. In the first place, the width of the kitchen restricted the angle I could use with the large sander. Next, the amount of sanding was starting to concern me as you can only remove so much before other issues can arise. This prompted me to take a measurement of the remaining timber above the tongue and groove. Only after that inspection, it was safe to proceed a little further, and it was well worth the effort.

Stains removed old hardwood floor
In Conclusion

On the whole, this old hardwood floor was now free of defects and looked 100 percent on its previous state. It was a pleasure to hand over this floor back to the owners. This old hardwood floor was now dead flat and a big hit with the clients. Find out more about sanding and polishing old timber floors.

Old hardwood floor polished

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