Floor Sanding When Renovating


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Floor Sanding When Renovating

If you’re floor sanding when renovating, timing it last is critical. A classic example of why this is the best practice is to look at a new home build. Builders get floor sanders in last after completing a new home. It’s the last task before handover to their clients. Of course, bar the exception of the builder’s professional cleaners. They have been through the headaches, late deadlines and extra costs before.

When choosing Economy Floor Sanding, you’re choosing a company that knows:

Your Renovation is special – You’ve spent a lot of time planning and making it happen. We know you want to get in and start using it. We want what you want; a stunning result, with no hold-ups.

You need a company you can trust – We get it! There are strangers in your home when you’re not there – and for days in a row. The owner of the Economy Floor Sanding is the only person on-site in your home. Karl Little is your sole point of contact and carries out all the work.

You’ve got a life – We keep firm appointments and always turn up on time. Your start and completion dates are in writing on Q.B.C.C. contracts. We don’t mess you around with timing.

You’re renovation is complete – Floor sanding can now begin

First we protect your home – We protect your kitchen and kickboards as well as skirting boards in your home. Our sanders are set up with protection tab barriers to avoid damage.

Floor sanding dust – We guarantee in writing your home is as clean as we found it. We also remove all traces of our bagged sawdust and rubbish off the worksite on completion.

Careful Coating – Economy Floor Sanding is careful when cutting in with the coatings. We pay particular attention to kitchen kickboards, skirting boards, walls and doors.

Your completed Renovation & floor restoration

After renovating

On completion of your floor, we’ll complete a quality inspection the following day. We carry out any minor touch-ups, and contact you for an on-site inspection. You will then have the opportunity to inspect your new polished floors for yourself. This way you can make sure you’re 100% happy with the job. If you’re considering floor sanding when renovating, then contact us today.

From the word go, we inform our clients about what to expect before, during and after we sand their floors. From time to time advice may not be relayed to a client’s partner or family member. For that reason, here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when having your floors sanded and polished.

Mistakes Clients Make
Floor sanding quote

Economy Floor Sanding are on the road quoting 6 days in all Brisbane north suburbs. We offer easy to understand quotes with exact pricing. The owner of the business quotes on your floor and also carries out all work on-site. Talk to Karl today on 0419684404 or fill in a quick form get started.