Brisbane North Floors – Case Studies

The Brisbane north floors on this page give our clients an insight into our work. First of all, we tackle problems with timber floors. At the same time we walk you through the work involved. Next, of course, we show you the outcomes.

Sandgate Floor Sanding Case Study

From time to time we find floors with a lot of borer damage. As shown below, this Sandgate floor sanding job was one of them. First of all we took out the borer damage. Next we used select grade Hoop Pine to replace them. Then we stained them in a Walnut tone.

Sandgate floor sanding case study
Brisbane north floors repaired
Floor sanding Brisbane north

These Brisbane North Floors Come to Life

Watch this short video on how we fixed these floors. Without doubt, this floor had a lot of prep work done. Coupled with a low sheen finish, the floor colour suited this old Sandgate cottage.

Kedron Floor Sanding Case Study

This Kedron floor sanding job was a Cypress Pine floor. Here, the clients were also selling their home. While there, we found the previous floor sanding company did not sand or prepare it the right way.

Kedron floors repair holes
sanding ripples in Brisbane floor
floor sanding Kedron

The Floors Were a Big Hit With Buyers

Watch this short clip on how we sanded these Brisbane north floors. We also fixed the damage and later again made this floor dead flat. Soon after, the client said the floors were a big hit with buyers. Since then, and as a result, they sold their home, and quite quickly.

Stafford Floor Sanding Case Study

Here on this Stafford floor sanding job, we delt with water stains. Later, we also delt with hundreds of staples. Besides that, they had also been hit down flat. As a result, punching them down again caused us some grief.

Brisbane north floor sanding
Floor sanding Stafford floors
Brisbane northside floor sanding
The Clients Wanted The Dead Flat Look

Watch this video and see how this old Stafford floor was finally revived. The clients also wanted a dead flat finish. To clarify, they almost wanted that raw timber look.

Nundah Floor Sanding Case Study

This Nundah floor sanding job was also a old Hoop Pine floor. Here we delt with moisture and also borer damage. Again, the floor sander that did these floors years ago did a poor quality job, and even more so in the hallway.

northern Brisbane floor staining
After floors sanded and polished
After floor buffing and polish

Angle Sanding This Floor Does The Trick

In this case, here in the hall, it was a tight squeeze to move the sander on an angle. We finally sanded out the terrible wave effect. As a result, it was finally super flat. Watch this short video to get the full story.

Ashgrove Floor Sanding Case Study

This Ashgrove floor sanding job was anything but ordinary. We had to sand off tile adhesive glue and excessive paint. Recycled timber used in the sunroom also caused us some grief.

Floor sanding Ashgrove
Ashgrove floor sanding
Floor polishing Ashgrove

The Bathroom Came up Better Than Expected

With the thick tile adhesive sanded off, it was a pleasant surprise to find the floorboards in such good condition. Only minor water stains remained. The flow on effect of the polished floors into the bathroom was the look this client was after.

Welcome To Our World

The northern Brisbane floor sanding cases above, allow a brief look into our world. Maybe you’ve had a recent home makeover, or perhaps even a new kitchen. Or maybe your floors just need some TLC. Because we deal with polishing old floors on a daily basis, we’ve seen it all.
So far, you’ve seen what we do for other clients. Why not shake things up in your home with a long overdue facelift. Of course, it is true we quote on north Brisbane floors six days a week. Beyond that, we also quote on Sunday with prior notice. But if you’re just curious about costs, maybe you should take a look at our pricing page.

What to expect in your free quote

Do you need a quote on a flooring project in Brisbane? In order that you get an exact price, we need to sight your floors first. Once there, we check above and below your floors. In other words, we take that little extra time and care. This could for example reveal a sub-floor issue or borer damage. Besides a full report of the work, our quotes also include other info. For example, time frames to perform the work and example images of gloss levels. Without doubt, our focus is on high quality service. For that reason you deal with the business owner himself on every job.

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