Floor Sanding When Renovating


Floor sanding Stafford

Floor Sanding When Renovating

If you’re floor sanding when renovating, timing it last is critical. A classic example of why this is the best practice is to look at a new home build. Builders get floor sanders in last after completing a new home. It’s the last task before handover to their clients. Of course, bar the exception of the builder’s professional cleaners. They have been through the headaches, late deadlines and extra costs before.

When choosing Economy Floor Sanding, you’re choosing a company that knows:

Your Renovation is special – You’ve spent a lot of time planning and making it happen. We know you want to get in and start using it. We want what you want; a stunning result, with no hold-ups.

You need a company you can trust – We get it! There are strangers in your home when you’re not there – and for days in a row. The owner of the Economy Floor Sanding is the only person on-site in your home. Karl Little is your sole point of contact and carries out all the work.

You’ve got a life – We keep firm appointments and always turn up on time. Your start and completion dates are in writing on Q.B.C.C. contracts. We don’t mess you around with timing.

You’re renovation is complete – Floor sanding can now begin

First we protect your home – We protect your kitchen and kickboards as well as skirting boards in your home. Our sanders are set up with protection tab barriers to avoid damage.

Floor sanding dust – We guarantee in writing your home is as clean as we found it. We also remove all traces of our bagged sawdust and rubbish off the worksite on completion.

Careful Coating – Economy Floor Sanding is careful when cutting in with the coatings. We pay particular attention to kitchen kickboards, skirting boards, walls and doors.

Your completed Renovation & floor restoration

After renovating

On completion of your floor, we’ll complete a quality inspection the following day. We carry out any minor touch-ups, and contact you for an on-site inspection. You will then have the opportunity to inspect your new polished floors for yourself. This way you can make sure you’re 100% happy with the job. If you’re considering floor sanding when renovating, then contact us today.

From the word go, we inform our clients about what to expect before, during and after we sand their floors. From time to time advice may not be relayed to a client’s partner or family member. For that reason, here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when having your floors sanded and polished.

Mistakes Clients Make
Floor sanding quote

Economy Floor Sanding are on the road quoting 6 days in all Brisbane north suburbs. We offer easy to understand quotes with exact pricing. The owner of the business quotes on your floor and also carries out all work on-site. Talk to Karl today on 0419684404 or fill in a quick form get started.

Our Process – Sanding Timber Floors Brisbane


Sanding Floorboards With a Belt Sander


When sanding floorboards with a belt sander there is no set process that every company adheres to. In fact, they differ greatly in terms of technique, skill set and what they trying to achieve. For example, some operators may want to plough through floor after floor as quickly as possible. In contrast, Economy Floor Sanding’s focus is on using the right tools and methods to achieve the best possible outcome for the customer.

sanding floorboards with a belt sander

Sanding Floors With a Belt Sander

We start with a coarse grade paper sanding floorboards with a belt sander on an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees. From time to time the angle may increase or decrease although it depends on the floor surface. Now we sand the floorboards with the grain with the same coarse grade sandpaper. As soon as 80 grit sanding is achieved, then the main belt sanding is complete.

sanding floorboards with an edge sander

Sanding the Edges of Floors

Sanding the edges of the floor is next. For the purpose of getting the edges perfectly flat there are two important factors. One, the edge sander must have a perfectly flat base. And two, a coarse sandpaper must be used first even though it does not seem necessary. Our edge sanders have a flat metal base with a Velcro pad attached. These edge sanders are purpose built to sand stair treads dead flat. We use them on all our timber floor edges as well. To be honest, they are a less aggressive sander in terms of weight in comparison to mainstream edge sanders. Despite this, they do a better job. 

sanding floorboards with a rotary sander

Rotary Sanding Timber Floorboards

The rotary sanding stage is what removes the final imperfections. Not only does it remove minor highs and lows, but also residual sanding lines in the floor surface. Once again, the best rotary sanding method is to use three grades of sandpaper rather than one. On the whole, the quality of the outcome is all in the prep work. With this intention, the rotary sander also overlaps the edge sanding area to within five centimetres of the skirting board.

sanding floorboards with a vibrate sander

Vibrate Fine Sanding the Edges

Hand-held detail sanders are used to finish off the join between the rotary and edge sanding machines. For the most part, only minor imperfections are corrected at this stage. Be that as it may, light reflection can highlight sanding imperfections at the edges. Usually this would depend on light direction and also where you’re actually standing on a particular floor.

The Most Common Defects we Find With Previously Sanded Floors

Chatter marks – Chatter marks are seen as a fine corrugation in the surface of the floor. They are created by inferior sanding machines or machines out of balance. It is highlighted in natural reflected light.

Uneven surface – Once again, seen in reflected light it can be described as a fine wave effect in the surface. Sanding floorboards on an angle of 30 to 45 degrees at the first sand can avoid this. Further, it has to be done the right way.

Convex or concave floorboards – When sanding floorboards with a belt sander without angle sanding, other defects can occur. The sanding machine will follow the contours of the floor. This will allow the imperfections to remain to a degree.

Wave effect at edges – Sanding the edges of a floor has to be done with a 4 step process. It must begin with a coarse paper to flatten the surface first. Edge sanding machines differ greatly. The base of the sander needs to be dead flat.

Sanding Floors Between Coats of Polyurethane

floor sanding complete

Once the first coat dries, the timber grain will be a little raised and a little rough to touch. Sanding floors between coats of polyurethane is a must. Some coating systems do not require sanding between the first and second coats. Be this as it may, we still carry out light sanding at that stage. The reason is that it just makes sense if you want the best possible outcome. The final coat of polyurethane cannot be buffed or sanded out to remove imperfections in the surface.

Getting a premium result with each coated surface will minimise any faults on the whole. Between the second and final coats, extra care is taken. Our process includes a two stage sanding technique unique to Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane. As stated in the beginning, our focus is using the right tools and methods, to achieve the best possible outcome.

Timber floor sanding Services Brisbane

Karlfloor sanding and polishing

Timber Floor Sanding Services Brisbane

Timber Floors

Besides being timber floor sanding experts, we also share your passion for polished floors. For that reason, we always exceed what our clients tend to expect with quality.

A sanded & polished hardwood floor

Floor Sanding When Renovating

If you’re renovating you’re home and considering polishing your floors, don’t make the mistake of getting them done any sooner than the absolute last task of your renovation project. 

During the course of any trade work in your home, there are endless opportunities for your floors to be damaged or scuffed in some form. Depending on the location of the damage, and your floor plan, it could mean re-sanding or recoating large areas, if not all your floors to keep a uniform gloss level and avoid any unsightly join lines.

Polished Floors When Renovating

Timber Floor Preparation

Before the sander meets the wood floor surface, the ‘bones’ of the floor must be of sound condition. For instance, Timber floor repairs may include any of the following.

  • Resolving squeaky or loose board issues.
  • Removal, replacement or the bracing of damaged floorboards.
  • Detection of borer or termite damage above or below the floorboards or maybe even the sub-floor

Floor Sanding Process

Amid the timber floor sanding stage, the heavy artillery sander goes into action. Our German made HUMMEL floor sander rips off existing floor coatings. At the same time it also flattens uneven floors with 45 degree sands. The floor sander carries out further sanding to finer abrasive sandpapers. Finally, we finish with the pivotal rotary sanding process – the secret weapon! This rotary sanding machine removes all the highs and lows in the floor. Read more about our floor sanding processes.

Timber floorStair sanding

See What Our Customers Are Saying

Before you engage the services of a floor sanding company, check their online status. Clients always have to log into Google so they can leave a review. As a result it is genuine feedback about the business.

Timber floor sanding and polishing Brisbane
Expertise in the industry

Of coarse, it is true; a university floor sanding degree is not required to sand a floor. In the same way, it is also not needed to turn an old wooden floor into a stunning focal point of a home. Be that as it may, what it does take is:

  • The correct precision and properly balanced specific sanding machinery.
  • An acquired skill and furthermore, the accurate use of the sanding equipment.
  • Correct procedures and order relative to the flooring conditions.
  • Experience with floor coating additives, stains and certainly polyurethanes.
  • A keen eye for detail, patience and expertise.

The outcome of our floor sanding services will without doubt, leave your guests with a taste for more. Visitors will WANT to see the next level of your home. In other words, we create an impact from your front door! As timber floor sanding Brisbane experts, we understand busy families mean heavy foot traffic. That is why we always use the highest film build coatings on the market.

sanding Brisbane floorsPolished timber floor
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Timber floor repairs Brisbane

Karlfloor sanding and polishing

Timber Floor Repairs Brisbane

Timber Floor repairs Brisbane

Timber Floorboard Replacement

Timber floor repairs Brisbane experts Economy Floor Sanding fix damaged floors. Floorboard replacement along with timber floor restoration & renovation is all in a days work when dealing with older homes. This is generally is the case with Brisbane’s iconic Queenslander style residences. We take great pride in restoring timber floors within these homes. The colour blending in of new or old floorboards is one of our specialties.

Don’t concern yourself with the condition of your old floor. We often surprise our customers by creating a feature floor from an old timber floor eyesore.

We Repair Damaged Floors

Brisbane Floor Renovation and Repair

Timber floor repairs and maintenance in preparation for floor sanding and polishing can entail floorboard replacement. Timber floor repairs may become necessary for many reasons. You may have removed an old kitchen revealing old plumbing holes which ran through the floor. There may be termite or borer floorboard damage present. You may only need general repairs or subfloor attention. Get in contact with the Brisbane timber floor restoration experts so we can discuss your options.

repair timber floors Brisbane

It is desirable for appearances to stagger the joins of the replaced floorboards. This is so two boards don’t end on a floor joist next to each other. It sometimes means extending a board or two to the next joist to detract attention of the eye. This alternates the joins for more concealment of the timber floor repairs. Find out more about how we go that extra mile to achieve the best outcome possible.

Timber Floor Repair Options

It is not always easy to source floorboards to blend in with your old existing floor. Matching them could depend on many factors. These can include species, colour and age along with your particular floorboard width. In some cases we can locate old floorboards if they are available. Our office is near one of Brisbane’s largest recycling/demolition yards. Colour matching and blending is faultless using this method. We may still need to adjust the floorboard width to accommodate your floor.

timber floors repairs and maintenance

Repairing Noisy Timber Floorboards

Noisy floorboard repairs may not need replacement of the board. The remedy for squeaky or creaking timber floors may be simple. It may lie in the normal course of the sanding and polishing processes. Punching the nails will settle the boards back tight to the joists. This will stop ‘nail squeaks’ or loose floorboards rubbing against nails when walked across.

repair damaged timber floors Brisbane

Repair Floor Surface damage

Timber floor repairs such as scratches, scuff marks or surface damage can be an easy fix. This is only if they are superficial, that is, only in the top coat of the polyurethane. The negative side is that the entire floor will need to be re-coated to avoid gloss level variations. If the scratch is in an inconspicuous location, an individual board may be coated as a quick repair. This type of repair would not impact on the floor as a whole.

Repair Timber Floor Moisture Damage

Water and moisture damage is most prevalent in or next to wet areas. Wet areas would include the bathroom, toilet, laundry and kitchen. Failed pipe connections leaking under floor coverings over time can be a cause. Moisture barrier coatings in bathrooms can also fail. Fibrous cells of the timber absorb moisture and will begin to break down over an extended period of time. Staining of the floorboards can also occur. An onsite inspection will determine the extent of the damage.

Restoring Floors with UV light Damage

UV light or unfiltered sunlight reaching the floor surface has damaging effects over time. Just as our skin will burn without the filter of sunscreen, so too will your floors suffer harm. Excessive yellowing of the surface coating will be the first tell-tale sign. If it is detected early, you can stop it by filtering the light. If left too long the coating will start to deteriorate and break down. The interior coating would be exposed to the full exposure of the sun. This would be like it was coated on an exterior deck. Interior finishes can not withstand this type of exposure to the sun.

Timber Floor Restoration Repairs

After a major home restoration there are a many reasons your floors may need attention. Removing walls to achieve open plans or kitchen adjustments can expose raw timber surfaces. Damage from tradies tools or building materials can also lead to possible repairs. Repairs can range from a simple re-coat to a complete re-sand back to raw timber to rectify the abuse.

Timber Floor Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation of worn polished floors is just general maintenance. Polyurethane finishes will thin and will wear down over time. This is generally in main traffic zones such as in the kitchen and down the centre-path of the hallway. The rest of the polished floor surface may need a recoat at the same time. This is to get that uniform gloss appearance throughout. Re-coating a floor is a one day procedure for minimal disruption for your family.

Timber Subfloor Repairs

Minor subfloor repairs may be necessary in older homes, and if under-floor access in available, most of these repairs are quite simple. Floor joists may need bracing or propping up to remedy a spongy section of flooring.

Rescuing Timber Floors

Unfortunately today the over-confident DIY handyman is attempting any task around the home imaginable. It is common that we have to repair and re-do a large number of problematic floors.

These floors, if left in their current state, can look average and even devalue a home. If this sounds familiar, it may be time to call in a professional floor sander. Let us get your home back into shape. We can help turn that traumatic task into the dream floor you first set out to achieve.

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We sand, polish and repair timber floors throughout Brisbane and all northside suburbs.

More about Old Floors

Find out more about dealing with old timber floors

5 Mistakes to avoid when you sand timber floors!

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floor sanding mistakes

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Sand Timber Floors

When we sand timber floors, the first thing we do is talk to our clients. We talk about staying safe, and how to avoid headaches during works. There have been some “uh oh” moments over the years from miss-communication. For that reason, here are the top 5 tips to iron out the bugs and make it a stress-free experience.

sand timber floors

1. – Don’t Sand Timber Floors until Last When Renovating

Before you sand timber floors you should finish your all your building work. For fear that you end up with a scratched or dented floor; you should schedule it as the last task. Jump in beforehand and you risk costly damage. Don’t risk blowing your budget out of the water. Tools, glue, grout, work boots, grit, paint and more can result in re-coating or re-sanding to repair them.

2. – Don’t Leave Your Cars Under The House

Some gaps between floorboards can be wider than others. Depending on the size, the floor coating can sometimes seep or drip through. Rather than ruin your pride and joy’s paint work, you should move them out. In the event that you decide to cover them, ensure to use plastic drop sheets rather than fabric. Of course, it is only necessary if you do not have a ceiling present under your floor.  

3. – Don’t Roll Your Fridge Over Your Freshly Sanded Floor

Some people have ruined their floors days after completion. Oh yes, believe me, it has happened! Today’s fridges have a huge weight riding on four tiny wheels. They can indent the surface as well as taking the floor coating with it. But there is a safe way to move them back in after you sand timber floors. Watch the short video below to find out how.

4. – Don’t Forget There is a Fire Hazard Risk

Many timber floor coatings are flammable. In the event that we coat your floor with one, you should be well aware of what you can and can’t do. As a matter of fact, it is preferable if you vacate the house, especially during the coating process. It can be dangerous for a home owner unaware of the risks. Some activities classed as high risk can include naked flames such as a plumber’s torch. Others can include even a toaster, gas or electric cooker and smoking to name a few.

5. – Don’t Leave Clothes/Towels in Built-in Cupboards

Although we guarantee to keep your home dust free, there is yet, an exception. If we sand and polish flooring in built-in cupboards, it will pay to empty them prior. Sanding edges in tight places can warrant the use of smaller hand-held sanders. Sometimes, because of the confined spaces, vacuum hose connection may be difficult. Static electricity charged dust particles can cling to fabric located on lower shelves. Coupled with that, towels and clothing can absorb the smell of the floor coating used. You should move them before the sanding process.  This is always preferable rather than washing and re-folding everything afterwards.

In Conclusion

We sand timber floors in Brisbane on a daily basis. It’s important to us to inform our clients every step of the way about what to expect before and during works. Find out more about our floor sanding services or talk to us today for free, helpful advice – we’d love to hear from you.

Brisbane Floor Sanding Service

Karlfloor sanding and polishing

Floor sanding Brisbane

Brisbane Floor Sanding Service

Our Brisbane floor sanding service is second to none. Rather than just telling you how good we are, we show you. For example, view this floor sanding case study video of a timber floor we polished in Nundah. We point out timber surface faults and how we remedy them for a super-flat, stunning result.

Nundah case study

Brisbane floor sanding service

Brisbane Floor Sanding Process – Three Steps To Success

Here we explain our floor sanding process. In a nutshell, the Three Steps to Success mean one thing; you get a dead flat floor, guaranteed! If the sanding process is not done the right way, then a less than desirable result will follow. The initial sanding methods must match the floor surface conditions. About 99% of older floors have surface defects present. Defects can include concave/convex boards, lips at the board edges and stains to name a few.

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Angle sand the floor at 30-45 degrees to remove:

  • Concave or convex shape of floorboards
  • Excessive lips at edges of boards
  • Previous sanding defects
  • Stains or surface defects

Brisbane Floor Sanding – Pre-sand Repair Service

We carry out all types of timber floor pre-sand repair services in preparation for sanding and polishing. General repairs include:

  • Squeaky floorboards
  • Sub-floor defects
  • Termite/Borer damage
  • Water damage

After replacing floorboards we also ‘stain to match’ as part of our Brisbane floor sanding service.

Brisbane Floor Sanding – Polishing Service

Seldom is this question even asked: “What type of coating will you use on my floor?” In fact the focus on the client’s mind is usually “which gloss level shall I choose?” By all means this is perhaps a key aspect to consider, although second in line of importance.

Not just the type of coating, but also, and most importantly the durability is a vital point to consider. A point often overlooked is that the film of coating between your feet and the raw timber surface is your only protection. With this in mind, once the coating wears through, moisture and dirt will enter the raw timber and ruin your floors. In order to prevent that, we use a high solids, high film build coating system for maximum longevity.

Let’s Cut To The Chase – What About Pricing!

We do in fact cut to the chase! Without further delay check out our Brisbane Floor Sanding prices and how we charge for varying floor conditions right now.

A parquetry timber floor

Whitewash timber floor | Parquetry


Whitewash Timber Floor Brisbane

To begin with, Bona White is a water based primer used as a system with Bona water based top coats. It does, in fact give that Whitewash timber floor look to lighter coloured Pine timbers. In the event that a client wants a natural untreated look, one coat is enough. In like manner, two or more coats will increase the intensity. Of course this would depend on the desired outcome.

Watch The Video

As shown above, the floor in the video is Cypress Pine parquetry. After two Bona White primer coats, we then applied two top coats of Bona Traffic. In this case, it gave the floor a semi-gloss type appearance.

Whitewash look and Low Maintenance

Some clients in the past have asked if there is any way to lighten their floors. This Bona White coating system is definitely the Whitewash timber floor solution. It definitely has a modern look to it although I feel the lower sheen finishes compliment this whitewash look. The combination of the lighter colour with a low sheen finish will really hide fine surface dust. In other words a trendy look and low maintenance floor.

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Video Transcript

This parquetry floor started out with this old water-based clear finish applied to it. It had some general wear and tear, and they had also just removed an old fireplace which needed to be sanded down flat and blended in. The clients were also after a different look this time around.
They decided on a white-wash effect, to really lighten up the room, and contrast against their dark furniture. Bona White is a water-based primer used as a system combined with clear, Bona top coats. On this floor I applied two coats of the white primer followed by two coats of Bona Traffic. As you can see, it has really lightened up this room and it was exactly the look this customer was after.

Whitewash Polished Timber floor

Latest Posts – Economy Floor Sanding

Old Hardwood Floor Restored

KarlBrisbane, floor sanding and polishing

Old hardwood floor Brisbane

Old Hardwood Floor

This is another typical old hardwood floor we have restored for a client in Wavell heights. It had a few defects as well as the usual wear and tear of about 15 years of general household use.

This old hardwood floor was in bad shape. When I first viewed it, I found more than the usual amount of sanding imperfections. The rear of the house had an extension added. Unfortunately, the builder had failed to level the joists on one side of the house. The transition between the old and new floors was very evident. It angled down and was visible in reflected light on the old polished surface. Sanding Brisbane floors that need a little extra skill and TLC is exactly what we do best.

Old hardwood floor

Water Stains In The Kitchen

In the kitchen, there were dark water stains that the previous sander had not been able to sand out. By the look of the pattern, I would surmise that ceramic tiles were present at some stage. Not only that, but they had also glued them to the floorboards at some previous stage. Mopping the ceramic tiles caused moisture to penetrate through the grout. Beneath the grout, the moisture then passed into the timber surface. This has formed a stained pattern in the timber surface over an extended period of time. Although this was an eyesore, I let the client know that there was no guarantee it could sand out. I had no idea of the extent of the previous water damage. Likewise, I did not know if the previous floor sander spent any time attempting to remove it.

To the credit of the previous refinishing company, the coating they used was of a high standard. The main foot traffic pathways such as down the centre of the hall and the entry did not show signs of general wear. At the same time, it was also a tough coating to sand off. This suggests it was more than likely solvent based polyurethane.

Sanding This Old Hardwood Floor

As usual, when faced with a floor riddled with visible flaws, angle sanding was necessary. Sands in alternating directions were necessary in a couple of locations. The join between the original house and the extension was definitely one of them. My promise to the client was clear. You cannot remove structural defects with a sanding machine. With this old hardwood floor, you can only minimise them. That said, our processes, and in conjunction with a low sheen finish, was a massive improvement. In fact, upon completion, it was only visible from one angle, and only with the right lighting.

This Old Floor – On The Borderline

In short, the stains in the kitchen also sanded out completely. Although that sounds short and sweet, it was no easy task. In the first place, the width of the kitchen restricted the angle I could use with the large sander. Next, the amount of sanding was starting to concern me as you can only remove so much before other issues can arise. This prompted me to take a measurement of the remaining timber above the tongue and groove. Only after that inspection, it was safe to proceed a little further, and it was well worth the effort.

Stains removed old hardwood floor
In Conclusion

On the whole, this old hardwood floor was now free of defects and looked 100 percent on its previous state. It was a pleasure to hand over this floor back to the owners. This old hardwood floor was now dead flat and a big hit with the clients. Find out more about sanding and polishing old timber floors.

Old hardwood floor polished

Our Brisbane service area covers all suburbs north of the city as far as Dayboro. For a free on-site consultation and quote please contact Karl at Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane today on 0419684404.

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Aspley Floor Sanding and Polishing

KarlBrisbane floor sanding

Aspley Floor Sanding and Polishing

This Aspley floor sanding and polishing job came up like a dream. Be that as it may,  there was some water damage next to the bathroom. It was a hardwood floor and also, in otherwise good condition. It also had carpet on it for most of it’s life. Aspley is a suburb in north Brisbane. It has a mix of two story modern brick and older timber homes. This one is one of the older homes.

As you can see in this short video, most of this hardwood floor sanded clean. This is despite the home, as it stands is 80 odd years old. The water damage was not severe. In this case rust stains had bled into the timber around some of the nails. In any event, you cannot sand out this type of stain.

Floor sanding Aspley

Typical Old Floor

You can see by the half-rotted skirting boards, it has been an issue for a drawn-out period of time. The skirting boards are Pine timber. For this reason, they have rotted at a faster rate.

Rust stains are quite common here and there in older homes. Besides bathrooms, it also occurs in kitchens not to mention fridge recesses. At the same time you can find this condition in toilets, laundries and entry points.

Solid Feedback

As a Brisbane floor sanding company, Economy Floor Sanding’s name was handed to this customer by more than one of his family members. It was by all means satisfying to hear the owner say to me “you’ve got the job” even before I had even issued the quote. 

Aspley floor sanding and polishing

View another post where we restore another old hardwood floor.

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Spotlight on Trust

During the initial visit and home visit with this client, I pointed out this fault to the client. The client wanted this Aspley floor sanding and polishing job coated in a low sheen finish. This is by far our most popular coating. Although it just looks terrific on hardwood timber floors, it also had an elegant sheen. This finish also has a modern look and also the added bonus of hiding dust. For the most part higher gloss finishes tend to show the dust more.

frequently asked questions

Repairing Scratches Polished floors

KarlPolished floors

Scratched timber floor

Repairing Scratches in Polished Floors

Repairing scratches in polished timber floors is what we do on a weekly basis. For a home owner, it’s a tough road to go down to see their beautiful floors in such a state.

I’ve Scratched My Polished Floors And I Need Them Fixed

No matter how careful you are, at some stage, your beautiful polished dream floors will get marked, scratched or scuffed.

Fixing Scratches – The How & Why

Everybody frets that sooner or later someone will push a shopping trolley into their new car. You know it’s going to happen – it’s only a matter of time. In like manner, the same goes for your polished timber floor.

Unlike car paint, an isolated repair may or may not be possible. It depends on the type of damage and other factors, for example:

  • How deep is the scratch?
  • The location of the scratch.
  • How long it has been left unattended.

We get calls every day from clients about repairing scratches and damaged polished floors. Here are a few examples:

  • A tradesman has dropped something on my floor.
  • A removalist has scuffed my floor.
  • Our tenants have scratched our floors.

DIY Tips To Repair Scratches

There is an easy DIY way to reduce the visibility of a scratch. Bunnings sell a product called ‘Waxstix’- a wax touch-up crayon. By all means this is not a proper fix, and as flooring professionals, we do not use these as part of our services. This is a DIY fix for the home owner, or a Band-Aid fix at minimal cost.
They come in twelve species colours and are versatile. You can also heat them to fill a dent or scratch. You may also blend colours for a real timber grain effect. At only $5.95 a stick, they’re worth a try before calling in a pro. The beauty of these sticks is that you can coat over the repair at a later stage. They have no beeswax in them. This means at a later stage you can have your floor recoated without any rejection problems.

How a Pro Repairs Scratches

It’s important to realise it still depends on the depth of the scratch. For minor scratches only in the surface of the top coat, then a recoat of the floor will fix it. To clarify, a light sand of the existing surface and then apply a new top coat. Unless the entire floor area has a recoat applied at one time, a gloss level variation will be noticeable. That is when you need to consider the location of the repair. Every home is different. A site inspection will ensure the best possible location for a join line. This will minimise visibility. Not every scratch is in the surface of the coating only. Most scratches are from dragging heavy furniture across floors. This type of damage takes the repair work to the next level.

The Next Level of Damage

The next level of repairing scratches is when a scratch in a floor is also dented. To explain, you can feel an indentation with your fingernail within the scratch. A simple recoat will not repair this damage. For this repair we will need to strip the floor back to raw timber. We will then need to apply the full coating system. Once again, the location will determine if we need to recoat other areas to blend gloss levels. Further, a suitable location for a join line may not always be possible. This would also mean the addition of a recoat of the rest of the polished floor area.
The most common forms of indented scratches are from the movement of large furniture. You should not roll or slide furniture over polished timber floors. The most common calls we get are from landlords and tenants. Moving in or moving out are the most crucial times. Fridges sit on 4 small wheels and are very heavy. Track marks from the wheels can occur. There is a method for moving fridges over polished floors without damaging them. Read about it on our polished timber floor care page.

Landlords Take Note

In general, your tenancy agreement should include a special clause relating to floor care. This is for both the landlord and also the tenant’s benefit. It should include moving in procedures, as well as general floor care boundaries. Read all about landlords and polished timber floors right here.

Find out more

Timber Floor Repairs

In addition to repairing scratches we also carry out general floor repairs plus much more. Read about all our timber floor repair services right here.

Timber Floor Repairs
Self Assess Your Floors

Find out how to self assess the condition of your polished timber floors. We show you what to look for and how to find the high wear areas.

Self Assess your Floors