Aspley Floor Sanding Case Study

This Aspley floor sanding job involved a Brisbane northside rental home.  Up until now, there were tenants living there. The timber floors were a little mistreated.  Also, there was wear in the usual high foot traffic areas. At the same time some damage was also caused by moving large beds and tables. Besides scratches, there were also dents present in the surface.

Aspley floor sanding restoration

In the beginning, the client asked if we could renew the top coat. In other words, could we fix it with just a new top coat. Indeed his type of timber floor repair is possible if the level of damage is not severe. Here we light sand and wash down the existing top coat to:

  • Abrade the surface of the coating to give the new coat something to grab on to.
  • Remove any fine scratches in the surface of the existing top coat
  • Remove any oil or residue on the surface of the floor.

In brief, the client now wanted to live in this home himself. With this in mind, he wanted all the damage fixed. Coupled with that, his wife was clear she took great pride in her floors. Besides that, she also recalled how good the floors looked before the tenant moved in.
In this case, we had to sand the floors back to raw timber. The dents and scratches were far beyond what a simple re-coat could fix. With this in mind, these clients were now also after a perfect floor.

floor sander Aspley

Full Transparency

I now walked through this Aspley floor sanding job with both the husband and wife. At the same time, I pointed out which faults I could fix with a simple recoat, and which would remain. I feel that if a customer is not aware of what to expect, then I have not offered a fair and transparent quote. This quote will include a simple recoat price. It will also include a price to re-sand and refinish the floor to a perfect state.

Without delay, they chose the option to perform a complete re-sand. This was not only the right choice, but also money well spent. On the whole, it would earn a great end result along with adding value and appeal to the family home. As Brisbane floor sanding professionals, we strive to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

This Aspley Floor Meets a Crossroad

This Aspley floor sanding story does not end there though. As they were a busy family with children, I recommended that they steered towards a satin or low sheen finish. This is the preferred option in their situation as satin finish is more forgiving in terms of hiding minor dust. The high gloss option does quite the opposite, as well as the other disadvantage of highlighting the edges of dents or scratches if they occur. Satin or low sheen finishes are definitely the most popular finish by far these days and tends to give a home a more modern feel.

A change of heart

It is unfortunate that the owners of this Aspley property were set in their ways, as the floor was originally done in a full gloss finish, so they chose the same option this time around. Upon completion of the floor I received a call to return to the property to discuss changing it to a low sheen finish as they had a change of heart after viewing a friend’s home with the lower sheen option.

The first image below is one of the floor in the initial full gloss, and then with the satin low sheen finish applied.

Floor sanding and polishing Aspley
The Conclusion – A great result!

Sure enough, they proceeded with the change and I must say they were thrilled they did. As you can see from the photos the low sheen finish definitely adds a contemporary look to the open plan living area. It is fortuitous that the changing of the gloss level is a simple matter of applying a low sheen top coat to the finished floor.

Floor sanding Aspley

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