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We sand and polish timber floors. Our specialty though, is sanding, polishing and repairing old timber floors. We can turn your old flooring into a spectacular feature of your home. Talk to us at Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane today.

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floor sanding Brisbane

Floor Sanding Brisbane

Sanding timber floors in Brisbane

Sanding timber floors flat is the first step to an outstanding result. We can create a showroom-like feature in your home with a stunning polished timber floor. We combine world-class sanders and refined methods to get that result for all our Brisbane clients.

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Polishing Old Timber Floors

polishing old timber floors

Polishing old timber floors creates a visual impact although durability is also important. Our High Solids polyurethanes offer commercial durability in your home. With modern-look low sheen finishes all the way to full-gloss, you get stunning looks plus longevity.

Old Floors

Sanding When Renovating

sanding floors when renovating

Sanding timber floors in Brisbane is a popular choice when renovating. In the event that you get the timing wrong, it can also be a costly experience. When renovating, planning the sequence of trades is critical. We recommend leaving it as the last job on your list.

When Renovating

Kedron case study

Brisbane Floor Sanding Case Studies

Here we offer a glimpse of floors in Brisbane we have transformed. It’s a real world window into what we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

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Timber Floor Restoration Options

Our quotes offer flexibility in the form of options for our clients. Your Brisbane timber floor restoration may involve new and adjoining old timber flooring. We are happy to offer varied price options on your quote. For example, one price option for re-coating your existing polished floors. Another price option could involve a complete re-sand of the new and old areas – the choice is yours.

Economy Floor Sanding Karl Little

You want your floors to set the stage!
Besides that, you also want a striking addition to your most valuable asset. You don’t want ‘average’, you want stunning!

Floor surface damage

Sanding out Floor Surface Damage

We can usually sand out surface damage in timber floors. Of course it will depend on the depth of damage. Between the floor surface and the tongue and groove, is only about seven millimetres.  If we cannot sand out the surface damage, then we can replace them. Then we stain them to match your existing floorboards.

rejuvenating a worn timber floor

Rejuvenating a Worn Timber Floor

Do you have polished timber floors that are showing signs of wear? Rejuvenating a worn timber floor is as simple as applying a maintenance coat. As soon as you notice a change in your floor surface, get them assessed. You can also self-assess your own timber floor. The secret to keeping costs down is to act early.

rejuvenating a worn timber floor

Sanding Floors With Moisture Damage

Moisture damage to timber floors can come in two forms; short and long term damage. Short term for example is a floor which has been flooded with water on one occasion. Long term can include a plumbing leak in a wet area such as a kitchen or bathroom. Sanding floors with water damage can reveal some form of permanent staining. We can assess your floors and offer advice on how we can help.

Restoring floors after D.I.Y. Sanding

Restoring Floors After a D.I.Y. Sand

We can restore timber floors which have been previously sanded by a D.I.Y. handyman. First we need to remove all the sanding stop-marks along with the highs and lows left in the floor surface. Once that is done, we proceed with our general floor sanding procedure.

Parquetry sanding and polishing

Parquetry Sanding and Polishing

When we sand and polish timber floors, it’s much the same method as when we sand and polish parquetry. Multiple angle sanding is required as parquetry fingers run in several directions. Repairs to parquetry are carried out, such as fixing loose or broken timber fingers. Parquetry is classed as a feature floor. When we sand and polish a feature floor, it’s no secret, clients expect perfection. Economy Floor Sanding ensures we deliver on those expectations.

Timber Floor Sanding Process

The floor sanding process combines many machines and techniques to achieve showroom results. Each step, from the belt sander touching the floor, to scraping out the corners, it’s a methodical process.

Rotary Sanding Timber Floors

Rotary sanding timber floors are a critical stage in the floor sanding process. Our three head rotary sanding machine removes fine hollows and floor surface defects. Done right, his action makes good floors look great, and great floors look spectacular.

Polished timber floors Brisbane

Common Floor Sanding Questions Asked:

Floor sanding
Does Floor Sanding Create Much Dust?

At Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane we treat your home with care. Sanding timber floors does in fact, create dust. As a result, efficient control of wood dust tops our agenda. As a matter of fact, we keep your home dust free. This is not only our promise, but also part of our guarantee we offer clients in writing. Find out other reasons why clients feel secure using our services.

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Floor polishing
How Can I Self-Assess My Floor?

You can self-assess your own timber floors for signs of wear. To begin with, polished timber floor coatings are very durable, but at some stage, they will show signs of wear and tear. Besides high foot traffic pathways, kitchens for example, are the busiest rooms in a home. Of coarse, every home is different – some have kids, some have pets or some have both!

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floor repairs
Can you Fix Scratches in My Floors?

Sooner or later it’s bound to happen – a dreaded scratch in your polished timber floors! First of all don’t panic. As a matter of fact, it may only just be a quick fix. We explain not only about DIY repairs, but also how a pro repairs scratches in polished timber floors. There are also, however varying levels of damage which can occur. Find out more right here.

About Scratches

Floor Sanding Prices

We never beat around the bush with pricing. In fact, we break down the costs as well as show examples of how labour & materials can vary. Plan your budget and get a ball-park price before arranging an onsite quote. Check our costs guide for sanding and polishing your Brisbane floor right here.

Why Trust Us?

Of course, you want a mind-blowing floor, although you don’t quite know who to trust. Rid yourself of anxiety by viewing our guarantee of quality page. Here we instil peace of mind in our clients. For example, you get the business owner on-site, as well as the security of Q.B.C.C. contracts.

Guarantee of Quality
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We’re based in Brisbane north and on the road quoting 6 Days a week. For straight forward answers and honest advice talk to Karl today at Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane.