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Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane offer premium quality floor restoration services. We also back the values endorsed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Together with this, we supply Q.B.C.C. contracts for every Brisbane timber floor we sand.

Floor Sanding

timber floor sanding

We sand and restore old timber floors in the Brisbane area.

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Floor Polishing

timber floor polishing brisbane

Renew your existing polished timber floors in one easy step.

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Floor Repairs

floor sanding timber floor repairs brisbane

We fix timber floors, replace boards and carry out general repairs.

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“As a customer, there are some questions you really need to ask yourself…”Karl Little - The business owner
floor sanding brisbane
You want your floors to set the stage!
Besides that, you also want a striking addition to your most valuable asset. You don’t want ‘average’, you want stunning!
You don’t want dust in your home!
When you walk back into your home, your polished floors look stunning! Certainly the last thing you want to see is dust. Don’t panic, because we always keep your home DUST FREE.
You NEED a durable floor – you want them to last!
Without doubt, you only want to do this once! Likewise, nobody wants to have to pull their furniture out again. We understand this. So to that end, we always get the job done right the first time!

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Floor Sanding Brisbane – Hot Topics

Floor refinishing prices

We never beat around the bush with pricing. Check our costs guide for sanding and polishing Brisbane timber floors right here.

Floor restoration Brisbane

Old wooden floors need a little extra care and attention. We explain common problems we face on a daily basis with older floors.

Brisbane floor repairs

A scuff, mark or scratch can make you cringe. We shed light on scratch types, deep or shallow and the methods of repair.

Floor Sanding and Polishing Brisbane

– Case Study Files –


Kedron case study

Timber Floor Restoration in Kedron

Cypress Pine Full Gloss Finish:
The clients called in Economy floor sanding Brisbane to save this floor. Watch how we rectify the timber floor sanding faults left by another company. Also, we explain in detail how we gained a superb, ‘dead flat’ surface. The owners made a quick sale due to these stunning results.

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Nundah case study

Timber Floor Restoration in Nundah

Old Hoop Pine Timber Floor Restoration:
This old pine timber floor was also polished in the past. In this example we expose prior timber floor sanding defects and the methods we use to remedy them. In brief, here we dealt with an uneven surface as well as water damage and floorboard repairs.

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Stafford Qld hardwood

Hardwood Floor Sanding in Brisbane North

Hardwood Timber Floor Sanding and Restoration:
Sooner or later you come across a floor which is on the border line of fixing. This was one of them. In the hope that it was at all possible, the clients engaged us to help. Here we face old floor tiles, staples, glue and timber floors with water damage.

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Stafford Qld Hoop Pine

Floor Sanding Brisbane – Old Hoop Pine

Timber Floor Restoration and Staining:
This video is a good example of how we work ‘with’ our clients to achieve their goal. To begin with, borer damage was a major factor. The clients also wanted a colour change. They called Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane and we came to the rescue.

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Brisbane Timber Floors

Inspecting them for wear

brisbane timber floors

Where To Look:
Polished timber floors are always prone to wear. Sooner or later, they also tend to always wear in precise locations. Besides high foot traffic pathways, kitchens for example are the busiest rooms in a home.
Inspect Every 12 Months:
You should self-assess your own polished wooden floors with a quick visual check once a year. If you monitor the key wear zones we focus on, it will without doubt, extend the life of your floors. Most of all it will therefore keep costs down in the long term.

Inspecting Timber Floors

Timber Floor Sanding

Dust control methods

floor sanding and polishing brisbane

Does Timber Floor Sanding Create dust?
Yes, of course it does!.. As a result, efficient control of wood dust tops our agenda. Our promise is that your home is kept dust free. This is also part of our guarantee we offer our clients in writing.
Our top line timber floor sanding German machines extract dust as they sand. We sand, polish and repair timber floors in the Brisbane area on a daily basis. Therefore it is second nature for us to handle and control dust. Accordingly, we set the benchmark of hygiene in your home.

Guarantee Of Quality