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Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane has been restoring timber floors for over 20 years. If you want to finish off your renovation in style, we offer premium quality Polished Timber Floors at realistic prices.

Polished floor in Brisbane

We sand, polish and repair timber floors with an emphasis on high quality workmanship. Restoring, sanding and polishing older Hoop Pine & Hardwood floors is our specialty. Polished timber floors can create a stand-out feature in your home. Talk to Economy Floor Sanding today for:

  • Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing
  • Re-coating Worn Timber Floors
  • Floorboard carpentry & repairs
  • Based in Brisbane North

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Floor Sanding Brisbane – Older Timber Floors

Older Polished Timber Floors – The older floors we restore in Brisbane need that little extra T.L.C. when it comes to floor sanding, carpentry and repairs. We have years of experience in restoring Hardwood floors as well as old Hoop Pine.

Borer detection and Repairs  – We detect and repair borer damage in old Hoop Pine flooring. Our process is removing the top surfaces of a timber floor to reveal the extent of the damage. We can then offer exact costs for replacing those floorboards. We source both new and old floorboards from timber recycling yards around Brisbane.

Floor Coatings and Durability – Polished timber floors create a visual impact although durability is also important. Economy Floor Sanding uses High Solids polyurethanes which offer commercial durability in your home. With modern-look low sheen finishes all the way to full-gloss, you get stunning looks plus longevity.

Old timber floor in Brisbane

Classic old Brisbane cottage floor in semi-gloss finish

More About Coatings & Durability

We Polish Timber Floors – Both Old & New

Pine floor in Brisbane north

We used Low Sheen finish on this Old Pine floor in Brisbane North

Whether your timber floors are old or new, sanding them flat is the first step in our process. Angle sanding not only removes surface defects, but also removes floorboard cupping. Coupled with final rotary sands to 150 grit, we can create a showroom-like feature in your home. The key to producing a quality polished timber floor regardless of it’s age is:

  • Initial angle sanding
  • Final Rotary sanding
  • Top Line machinery
  • A skilled operator

Economy Floor Sanding uses a Refined Process to get that showroom result for all our clients.

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We carry out all types of timber floor Repairs

Old Timber Floors

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Polished Timber Floors & Renovating

If your renovating your home, then make your Brisbane Floor Sanding and polishing project the last job on your list!

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Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane – Case Studies

Cypress Pine Floor in Kedron Qld

This Case Study was a Cypress Pine floor filled with sanding defects from the previous floor sander. We had to sand that damage out using the correct methods and machines.

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Hoop Pine Floor in Nundah Qld

This was a Hoop Pine floor full of convex shaped floorboards. The lounge room floor suffered some borer damage. In the kitchen floor water stains were present.

Watch The Video

Hardwood Floor in Stafford Qld

This Brisbane hardwood floor was covered in paint spills. A recycled timber floor extension also gave us some grief. We also dealt with a bathroom floor coated in glue.

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You want your floors to set the stage!
Besides that, you also want a striking addition to your most valuable asset. You don’t want ‘average’, you want stunning!

Floor Sanding and Polishing Options

Our quotes offer flexibility in the form of options for our clients. Your Brisbane timber floor restoration may involve new and adjoining old timber flooring. We are happy to offer varied price options on your quote. For example, one price option for re-coating your existing polished floors. Another price option could involve a complete re-sand of the new and old areas – the choice is yours.

Owner of Economy Floor sanding Brisbane

Karl Little – The Business Owner

Brisbane Floor Sanding and Repairs

We can usually sand out surface damage in timber floors. Of course it will depend on the depth of damage. Between the floor surface and the tongue and groove, is only about seven millimetres. If we cannot sand out the surface damage, then we can replace them. Floorboard installation generally requires some floor staining. Matching floor colour can sometimes be a multi-stage process. We have extensive experience with floor stains and floor colour matching.

Sanding Parquetry Floors

When we sand and polish timber floors, it’s much the same method as when we sand and polish parquetry. Multiple angle sanding is required as parquetry fingers run in several directions. We use high quality floor sanders with no vibration for optimal results. Repairs to parquetry are carried out, such as fixing loose or broken timber fingers. Parquetry is classed as a feature floor. When we sand and polish a feature floor, it’s no secret, clients expect perfection. Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane ensures we deliver on those expectations.

Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing Q & A

Edge sanding a floor

Floor sanders & dust control

Does Floor Sanding Create Much Dust?

At Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane we treat your home with care. Sanding timber floors does in fact, create dust. As a result, efficient control of wood dust tops our agenda. As a matter of fact, we keep your home dust free. This is not only our promise, but also part of our guarantee we offer clients in writing. Find out other reasons why clients feel secure using our services.

Tell Me More

Timber floor in a lounge

Floor assessment

Can I Self-Assess My Polished Floor?

You can self-assess your own timber floors for signs of wear. To begin with, polished timber floor coatings are very durable, but at some stage, they will show signs of wear and tear. Besides high foot traffic pathways, kitchens for example, are the busiest rooms in a home. Of coarse, every home is different – some have kids, some have pets or some have both!

Show me How

A scratched timber floor

Floor scratch repair

Can you Fix Scratches in My Floors?

Sooner or later it’s bound to happen – a dreaded scratch in your polished timber floors! First of all don’t panic. As a matter of fact, it may only just be a quick fix. We explain not only about DIY repairs, but also how a pro repairs scratches in polished timber floors. There are also, however varying levels of damage which can occur. Find out more right here.

About Scratches
Why Brisbane Clients Keep Using Us

Of course, you want a mind-blowing floor, although you don’t quite know who to trust. Rid yourself of anxiety by viewing our guarantee of quality page. Here, Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane instils peace of mind in our clients. For example, you get the business owner on-site, as well as the security of Q.B.C.C. contracts.

Guarantee of Quality