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Floor sanding Brisbane

We sand & polish timber floors! Call Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane north for timber floor sanding or restoration. We offer polishing, staining, repairs plus 5 star service.

Our experience in the timber sanding industry has taught us a lesson. High quality floors take that little extra time and effort.

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Floor Sanding and Polishing

We got off the ground sanding Brisbane floors in 1997. Rather than just offer floor sanding and polishing services, we really talk to our clients. While quoting a floor, we first find out your needs and goals. Maybe you have a busy family, so a long lasting floor is vital. Maybe you’re selling, and you want to create an impact. In short, we find out what you’re trying to achieve. Then we offer straight forward solutions.

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Timber Floor sanding

As a customer, here are the questions you should ask yourself

You want your floors to set the stage!
Also, you want a striking addition to your most valuable asset. You don’t want ‘average’, you want stunning!…Besides attention to detail, that also takes skill and passion. It also takes a high quality coating. You get all that and more. Therefore, we deliver on our promises.

You also want a straight forward quote! Further, a quote that describes exactly what is taking place. Most of all, you want exact costs. You also want certain guarantees in writing.

Of course, you don’t want dust in your home!
When you walk back into your home, your polished floors look stunning! Certainly the last thing you want to see is dust. Don’t panic, because we keep your home DUST FREE.
You NEED a durable floor – you want them to last!
Also, without doubt, you only want to do this once! Likewise, nobody wants to have to pull their furniture out again. We understand this, so get the job done right the first time!

Timber Floors with Five Star Service

Economy Floor Sanding has years of experience in the industry. In addition, we use an advanced sanding system. In order to deliver on our promises, we always use high end equipment and coatings. Besides that, it is our belief that a happy customer is just good business.

We always carry a suite of wood stains, because floors sometimes need colour matching. We also carry timber finishing additives. To clarify, we have the remedy for any potential wooden floor polishing condition. Yes, we have a passion for smoothing timber floors flush and hence, to showroom quality.

You should join our long trail of happy Brisbane north customers. We always offer 5 star service when we sand and polish wooden floors. Furthermore, you get great value and competitive rates. Perhaps you should work out a ball park figure on your floor sanding cost with our pricing guide.

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Do You Have Existing Polished Floors?

Maybe you haven’t got the time to meet us, although you want your existing polished wooden floors assessed. PANIC NOT! Below we have a rather simple guide to help you.

Polished timber floors are always prone to wear. They also tend to always wear in precise locations. Besides high foot traffic pathways, some areas are used more, similarly as a habit.

Check their Condition – Here’s How

You should definitely self-assess your own polished wooden floors. You should do this with a quick visual inspection once every 12 months.

If you monitor the key wear zones we focus on, it will without doubt, extend the life of your floors. Most of all it will therefore keep costs down in the long term.

Self Assess Your Floors
Does sanding floors with a machine sander create dust?

Of course it does!.. As a result, efficient control of wood dust particles tops our agenda. This is also part of our guarantee we offer this to our clients in writing.

We machine sand and polish timber floors, and on a daily basis. Therefore it is second nature for us to handle and control machine sander dust.

Accordingly, we set the benchmark of hygiene in your home. Our Quality machines are set up with custom attached vacuum pipes. Due to our clever sawdust collection methods, your home is therefore clean when we hand it back.

Working out Costs

We offer sanding services with a budget-friendly pricing structure. To explain, we work out your total cost based on:

  • The scope of the work
  • Labour time and materials necessary
  • Individual aspects including age and condition

We boast a first class sanding service however our in home consultations are FREE. Also, you can expect expert guidance, advice and industry experience. This is vital to delivering a floor that always surpasses our customer expectations.

Easy Quote Request
Brisbane floor sanding and polishing

Our Floor Sanders

Vacuum assisted wood floor sanders extract dust, and with minimal loss of dust particles. Our timber floor buffing and sanding machines are also regularly inspected. In addition, our dust filters are cleaned every day. Confined spaces are no problem due to the use of various long nosed floor sanders. Vacuum suction directs dust away from the work area and to where you want it. Finally, it flows to filtered and contained collection bins.

The owner of the business is Karl Little. Karl will manage your wood floor flooring project from start to finish. Since the company owner is onsite, you can surely expect a guarantee of quality. Besides quality work, you also get piece of mind. Find out why below.

Guarantee of Quality

Find out the reasons why customers choose us rather than our rivals.

Is your polished timber staircase letting your entry either looking a little shabby, worn out or dull? Are you therefore seeing a floor that has obvious signs of wear or neglect? Do you know your polished timber stairs are probably the first thing visitors see the second they walk in the door? Why not instantly set the benchmark with a stunning floor and staircase facelift? Do this with one simple call to Karl. He’s been floor sanding Brisbane homes for almost two decades. Rather than putting your floor facelift off any longer, speak to him right now on 0419 684 404.

First impressions Count

Trusted Sanding Service

We have spent almost two decades sanding Brisbane floors. Besides new floors, we also sand old existing private homes. Seldom do we come across a wooden floor sand and polish condition we cannot rectify. For that reason, skill has always carried us beyond what our client’s expect. That is to say we often exceed what they expect in the form of quality, hygiene and also service. For that reason, you should take a browse at our Google floor sanding client reviews. Most noteworthy they are posted by real clients.

Get what YOU ask!

Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want. Maybe you do, but would rather hear some extra advice. In short, we’re here to help. Also, it is our goal is to give clients what they ask, and therefore no jargon, or hidden price bombs. If you don’t request it, we don’t do it! In addition, we offer a relaxed and helpful on site quote. Our Brisbane floor sanding and polishing quotes are also straight forward and easy to understand.

While tradesmen seem to always be late, in contrast, we’re on time every time. We break that typical stereotype stigma with punctual service second to none. Finally, and to clarify, when we set an appointment, hence, we meet it.