Floor Sanding Brisbane

Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane are armed to the teeth with the latest floor sanding tech gear, skill and two decades experience. We resurface timber floors in all suburbs north of the Brisbane River. Our focus is sanding domestic timber floors for the home renovator. For the most part, we have a passion for old floorboard restoration. An older Brisbane floor would be deemed common place within the region’s middle and outer rings. Sanding them down with stunning results is a multi-stage and refined process.

Sanding of Timber Floors

Floor sanding Brisbane - Kitchen floor

“I need Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing in Brisbane”
Superb! …That’s our speciality! We sand & polish all types of timber floors with high grade machines. Our top sander is the owner of the business. Talk to Karl right now on 0419684404 or read about our Brisbane floor sanding services in depth right here.

Timber Floors

Sanding Old Timber Floors

Sanding completed - old timber floor

“I Need My Old Timber Floor sanded and polished in Brisbane”
Terrific! …Help is on the way! Economy Floor Sanding sand old timber floors on a weekly basis. In fact, we have a passion for old timber floor restoration. Let us give your existing old floors a complete overhaul. Read more about old timber floors right here.

Old Flooring

Sanding Damaged Floors

Damaged timber floor being repaired

“I need my old timber flooring repaired in Brisbane”
Great! … Our timber floor repairs include board replacement & fixing termite/borer damage. We also brace floorboards and carry out general timber floor repairs in prep for sanding. Read more about the full extent of our timber floor repair services here.

Floor Repairs

Kedron case study

Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane – Case Studies

Here we offer a glimpse of floors we have transformed. It’s a real world window into what we encounter on a day-to-day basis.

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You want your floors to set the stage!
Besides that, you also want a striking addition to your most valuable asset. You don’t want ‘average’, you want stunning!

Floor sanding Brisbane

Common Floor Sanding Questions Asked:

Floor sanding machine collecting dust

Does Floor Sanding Create Much Dust?

At Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane we treat your home with care. Sanding timber floors does in fact, create dust. As a result, efficient control of wood dust tops our agenda. As a matter of fact, we keep your home dust free. This is not only our promise, but also part of our guarantee we offer clients in writing. Find out other reasons why clients feel secure using our services.

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A Pine timber floor in Brisbane
How Can I Self-Assess My Floor?

You can self-assess your own timber floors for signs of wear. To begin with, polished timber floor coatings are very durable, but at some stage, they will show signs of wear and tear. Besides high foot traffic pathways, kitchens for example, are the busiest rooms in a home. Of coarse, every home is different – some have kids, some have pets or some have both!

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Scratches in a timber floor
Can you Fix Scratches in My Floors?

Sooner or later it’s bound to happen – a dreaded scratch in your polished timber floors! First of all don’t panic. As a matter of fact, it may only just be a quick fix. We explain not only about DIY repairs, but also how a pro repairs scratches in polished timber floors. There are also, however varying levels of damage which can occur. Find out more right here.

About Scratches

Mistakes Clients Make When Having Their Floors Sanded

From the word go, we inform our clients about what to expect before, during and after we sand their floors. From time to time advice may not be relayed to a client’s partner or family member. For that reason, here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when having your floors sanded and polished. Read the full post here

  • Not leaving floor sanding until last when renovating
  • Leaving cars under the house during coating
  • Rolling a fridge over a freshly sanded floor
  • Unaware there is a fire hazard risk
  • Leaving clothes/towels in cupboards

Floor Sanding Prices

Brisbane floor sanding quote request

We’re on the road quoting 6 Days a week. For straight forward answers and honest advice talk to Karl today at Economy Floor Sanding Brisbane.